Dream Sonata

by Jaqueline Winter Thomas

A snake in a dream represents a person who lives in a valley, and
a snake which devours itself represents a snake. A valley which is
covered in snakes may represent a destructive rain. Rain in a dream
represents a caravan of camels, and a caravan of camels in a dream
represents rain. In a dream, the desert represents waking. False
waking represents a threshold or a place soon burdened by fire. The
unclothed body represents such a place, and on a cold day a fire
from which she finds warmth represents a valueless coin. Eating fire
represents the stolen coins of orphans. To hold an orphan in a dream
is to conspire with the prophets. To be orphaned is to dispel distress.
In a dream, she is a prophet and an echo of the mountain. An echo
is a hospital or hospice. If she builds a hospice in a dream, it means
she is an ascetic. The ascetic in a dream wears a woolen garment in
winter. Winter in a dream means a fine paid in atonement. Theft
represents a creation from smokeless fire, and smoke represents
a lack of foresight, the hills which obscure the land beyond. If she
dreams of having an extra eye within the body, it may mean she is
an atheist. A blind eye represents the voice of the dead. Hearing
the voice of an invisible caller commanding, forbidding, or blessing
means exactly what she has heard and has no further interpretations.
This includes all voices. The cemetery represents a hereafter,
because it is a vehicle. If grass grows within the palm of her hand, it
means she will die shortly after and grass will cover the grave. Those
who have not been buried in dreams may represent the future, and
the future is a staircase with windows on both sides.