Giant Squid as Emblematic Feminist

by Jenny Molberg

My eyes outsize your wedding china.
I wear my illusion as a cloak. You want to see
all of me? Quiet. Your silence will unveil
my silver light. The sperm whale: the only one
who can swallow me whole. He wears
my teasing beak as an ornament,
will never unfeel me, never know the lonely
unwrapping of my circled hug. When I wave
to the scientists in their bubble, they say
fan dance, but no, my sway is divination,
the awakening of moon, of carnal light.
Did you know I hold my eggs in my arms?
Did you know, when I let fall the closed blooms
of my tentacles, I am the same shape
as your womb? That I am the mantle
illuminating your face in awe? That I
am a mirror through which you see the face
of the female scientist who discovered me.
That when you see her face, you’ll see your own.
Dissect me. You’ll find an inkwell there.
Stop looking ahead. Look further down.