by Jennifer Richter

blek :: ink
bless :: goodbye
bless :: goodbye
bless :: good bye
blik :: moment, shiny, flash
blindur :: blind

…my brother Brian said, “Wait, Billy,” and he put his hands
over my eyes, and he walked me up the stairs. And then
he took his hands away.
[He begins to get choked up.]
—Bill Murray, New York Times, Dec. 2, 2012

I shut my eyes and there he is—green gleam
of a passing alfalfa field leading me back
to that day we ditched, drove right past
homeroom to the El, southbound, the line
for bleacher seats, the Cubs at home
though not, like us, for long. Later that week
we’d be voted Couple Most Likely to Last;
we’d toss our tassled caps and start to pack but

…there was Wrigley Field, in green.
There was this beautiful grass and
this beautiful ivy. I’d only seen it
in black and white. It was like
I was a blind man made to see.

Blink: he’s back. His holiday card glows
tree-farm green; my name and his wife’s are the same.