These Lines

by Heather Bartlett

are not linear        look:
this line is where you come out

this line is also tomorrow
tomorrow is also the girl

from yesterday
this is what she says:

your memories are also
my memories wrapped

in silk and sewn
into the seams        remember

bare legs         black lace        this
is what boys like: stay

still        breathe in
like you need

lifting like you are
too much smoke

and not enough        this
is what you get: the boy

slides closer        he always
slides        the girl

from yesterday makes
eye contact        breaks

contact look:
your finger is on the zipper

instead of the collar
instead of the bone

this is what you get:
stay still        breathe in like

you are too much        this
is what she says:

these lines are also
my body        your body

is also on fire