“What I most love about ‘The Machine’ is the way it demands the reader’s expectations to shift throughout the piece. I also value a writer who is willing to trust a reader to not only keep up but also become comfortable with an understanding of trust. I loved the way this piece weaved in and out of the historical, back to the personal, to the delightfully casual (‘and where was my bag of snacks, anyway.’) I appreciated how the language and narrative accumulated and took me with it the entire way. What a joy to read.”

—Judge, Hanif Abdurraqib

The Machine

by Krys Malcolm Belc

Krys Malcolm Belc’s essays have been featured in Granta, Black Warrior Review, Brevity, The Adroit Journal, and elsewhere. He is the author of In Transit, a chapbook of short essays, published by The Cupboard Pamphlet in 2018. Krys is the Managing Editor of Passages North and a student in the MFA program at Northern Michigan University. He lives in snowy Marquette, Michigan with his partner and three young children.